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In their words...

"I am your biggest fan. :)  Without your wealth of knowledge and all the input regarding Casey, I know she would not be at Auburn.  Helping me understand the ACT, SAT and Casey's College abilities taught me so much about College and the girls in general.  That all spilled forward to Chloe and anyone else that would listen to me.  I had no clue what was out there or even how to access it or what was even available to the girls.  You were our "ray of light" in regards to college and I will always be grateful for all the time and energy you put into the girls.  I cannot begin to tell you how much we learned from you and all the opportunities that the girls had at their fingertips. I will always be singing your praises to people I encounter and sending them your way." - Diane

"Awesome!!!  I just wanted to say a BIG Thank you for all the work and advice you have given Tracy.  You truly have taken the time and it is quite obvious that you care about all your students.  You have an amazing knowledge…and I would be more than happy to share that with anyone
who asks." - Trudy


"Thank you once again for all of your help and support!  We so appreciate you! " - Louise

I love it! Thank you so much you’re the frickin best! - Student

"Sue’s goal is 2000 or better, probably since her sister made a 1990. By the way, she says my pushing her into your preparation course last spring against her wishes was one of the few times she has been wrong! Must be nice to have such confidence in one's judgment." - Susan

"Thank you so much for all you have done already! As I stated in our initial meeting was Kaitlin's confidence level...she came home on Thursday so happy and said she feels really good about her next SAT! I have never heard that from her! Thanks Thanks Thanks!   Please let me know what days and times you have for make-ups this week. I think she is pretty much open.  Once again thank you!"  - Sandy

"Thank you so much! Just these first revisions have helped the wording of my essays and given me more inspiration in the process!" - Student

"[Horizon College Planning] and Mentaur Learning have helped me in so many ways.  I started my sophomore year in high school prepping for the SAT/ACT test. They never gave up on me and helped me achieve the results I needed to get into the college of my choice. Then, it came time to apply for college.  Ginny helped me put my essays together for the application… I can't say enough about Horizon and Mentaur Learning and the help they have provided to me the past few years." - Ryan

St. Augustine, Florida

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