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There are many elements that make up the college planning process. Following is a list of the services incorporated in a complete college planning package. Individual elements can be purchased, such as essay assistance, on an hourly basis.

College Planning

College planning should begin in 9th grade with an eye towards making sure a student is building a transcript that will be attractive to prospective colleges and using summers wisely. During the sophomore year, it’s time to start casually visiting colleges and planning appropriate summer activities to enhance a student’s resume. A student’s junior year is the most crucial as that is the first full transcript colleges will see; that is when assessments are completed, and college visits are done more formally. The comprehensive college planning service includes all of the elements listed below with unlimited hours of access. 

  • Initial structured interview with student and parent(s)

  • Transcript review and assistance with mapping out courses and extracurricular activities

  • Assessments to determine learning profile, potential occupations and majors, and temperament

  • Incremental meetings with both the parent and student to get on track and stay on track

  • Curriculum Vitae development

  • Building of a college list to meet the needs and wants of the student… incorporating the results of the assessments

  • Advice on how to best meet the entrance requirements of colleges on the student’s list

  • Assistance with navigating the financial aid process

  • Guidance on filling out college applications

  • Help with seeking out potential scholarships

  • Advice regarding college entrance exam preparation and timing

  • Advice regarding social media usage

  • Application essay assistance and review

  • Scholarship essay assistance and review, as needed

  • Mock interviews, as needed

  • Reminders within a system to keep up with deadlines

  • Access through your consultant to a worldwide network of higher education experts

Test Preparation

Every college bound student’s nemesis is the dreaded college entrance exam: the SAT and/or the ACT. 

However, another way to view this test is in terms of its potential for good rather than evil. A high score on either one of these exams can help garner scholarship money, get a student in-state tuition at an out-of-state school, or even pave the way to entry into an elite school. Rather than dreading the test, a student should look at the exam as an opportunity, on one test and on one day, to achieve a cherished goal. Also, the dollar-and-time investment put into preparing for this test could save thousands on college costs down the road!

At Horizon, we split the one-on-one instruction between two tutors to ensure students’ best chance for success. One instructor is dedicated to just the Math, and the other covers the Verbal portions of both tests and the Science for the ACT. Each of the tutors is an expert in her field and therefore provides the best instruction in both content. 

d strategy for each portion of the tests.

Social Media 

A student’s on-line presence is just as important as an adult who is looking to find employment. Often, students feel compelled to hide their social media or not engage in it at all, so that colleges will not find something out about them that could affect their chances of admission. However, the schools are not looking to find embarrassing posts or offensive content. Instead, they are looking at social media to learn more about their applicants. It, therefore, makes sense for a student to have an on-line presence versus trying to hide. But what should that on-line presence look like and which applications are the best to use? It should reflect who the student is and look toward networking in professional media.


Through membership in the Social Assurity Network, Horizon College Planning is able to provide an on-line course (at 50% off the regular price) along with guidance as to how a student can build an on-line profile that will reflect the student’s abilities, interests, character traits and personality.


Communication is vital in all occupations; therefore, it is essential that all students have the ability to organize their thoughts and effectively put them in written form. Horizon College Planning provides instruction in Writing and assists students with their college application essays as part of the college planning process. 

St. Augustine, Florida

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